Helm, Ryle, and Fashion

One of my favorite blogs is that of Paul Helm. Always instructive, often stimulating. And – perhaps most important to me – he writes regularly about John Calvin. In July he had a post about ‘Fashion‘. It’s an interesting piece about the ‘rise’ and ‘fall’ of authors, trendy thoughts and so on. In short: the fashions of the mind. Then, Helm asks:

But what about Gilbert Ryle? Largely forgotten. Does any one read Ryle? Do people find help from his writings, do research on them? I rather doubt it.

At the moment I read it, I was inclined to agree with Helm’s observation. However, a few weeks later I found the proof of his being wrong.  As you can see, Gilbert Ryle’s book is still being read! Here by the Dutch philosopher René van Woudenberg (Free University, Amsterdam) .

So, fashion does not always have the last word!